Greek Wines


Plenty of researches have indicated that reasonable consumption of wine is beneficial for human’s health. All Hellenic wines are considered of high quality due to the very special features of hellenic land, the temperate climate, the soil, the altitude and also the microclimate developed in several areas. The last years Hellenic wines have become known globally and have gained plenty of distinctions.
Hellenic Wines are followed by long tradition and history. The vineyards are the plants closely associated with the tradition and daily life of the Greeks from ancient times.  The art of Wine making arrived in Greece from Egypt and Persia thousands of years ago.  At that time wine was consumed in Greece mixed with water at a ratio of 1:3.  It was part of daily life and a basic feature of the symposiums. Numerous scenes on ancient art depict the importance of wine in the private and public life of ancient Greeks. It is known worldwide the cult of Dionysus, who was the patron god of Wine in Ancient Greece.
The history of wine continued without interruption in the course of time. Nowadays, wine is produced almost throughout Greek territory. Several wine varieties have been rescued while in the 20 century several Greek varieties were substituted by international ones.
In recent years «wine roads» bloom in many areas of the country and are intended to familiarize visitors with the characteristics of the wines of each region.  Greece has applied to the European Union in order to fortify 33 wines as PDO and 114 as PGI.



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